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The Directors of the Wensleydale Agricultural Society will offer an educational bursary for local people who wish to apply for funds to assist with costs associated with training related to agriculture.  Applications are invited in accordance with the criteria set out below.


Bursary Criteria


An annual budget of £4,000 with a maximum amount payable on any one claim to be £1,000.


  1. Eligibility – anyone entering any training for agriculture or farming related careers.
  2. Applications should:-
  • reside within the show area (10 miles of Leyburn and or within River Ure catchment to west);
  • be submitted to the Secretary of the Wensleydale Agricultural Society;
  • be in writing or email (post: Helen Cuming, Golden Lion House, Middleham, Leyburn, DL8 4RD or email: [email protected]);
  • set out the applicant’s background;
  • give details of the course they have selected;
  • explain their reasons for selecting the course;
  • explain how they see the course will further their career;
  • provide a budget for the expenses they anticipate to claim for;
  1. Expenses will be reimbursed on production of receipts for budgeted expenses related to their course but excluding expenses related to travel and accommodation.
  2. At the end of their course, those receiving a bursary will be expected to submit a written report detailing the outcome and what benefits they have acquired from the course.
  3. No references are required, but any references will be considered.
  4. Applicants may be called for interview before final consideration.
  5. All applications and any subsequent disputes will be considered on their merits by a selection committee comprising the President, Chairman and Secretary of the Society whose decision will be final.